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Access Control for your Home or Business in Nebraska

Access control is an important concern for any organization. Site managers, property managers, and many others have to think carefully about the access control needs of their organization. Overseeing this task on your own can be overwhelming and there is always the chance that something will be left out. Working with an experienced security company like Integrated Security Solutions is your best option to ensure that all aspects of access control are thoroughly addressed and that these goals are met in an expedient and effective manner. We have helped dozens of companies improve their security and safety while meeting key outcomes; our team consists of people at the top of their fields so you can be sure that you are getting the best and brightest working for you.

Security Solutions for All Organizations


No matter what your circumstances, Integrated Security Solutions has an answer for you. We offer a wide range of technical solutions to help you address existing concerns and preempt future problems.

Choose Integrated Security Solutions for:


·       Maglocks

·       Electronic door strikes

·       Biometric applications

·       Pin pad applications

·       Badge and RFID systems

·       Integrated CCTV systems

·       Motion sensors with request-to-exit features

We can provide security systems in Nebraska that integrate data from CCTV, Fire Alarm and HVAC for an even more comprehensive vision of a property’s activity. This provides security agents with all the data necessary to make informed decisions and develop accurate responses to changing circumstances.

Around the Clock Protection


Our technicians are on call 24/7 to provide support whenever you need it. We know that threats to your security never come at a good time, so we go the extra mile to make responding to changing circumstances simpler than ever. This is just one part of what has made ISS a top choice among local business owners and homeowners.

Contact Us Today


Contact Integrated Security Solutions today by calling (402)462-0348 to discover how improved access control in Nebraska can help your organization.

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