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Wireless Locks for your Home or Business in Nebraska

Locks are among the most fundamental of all home security tools and the kind of lock you choose is based on many factors. Increasingly homeowners and business owners are looking at wireless locks to help improve the security of their properties. A wireless lock can be a stand-alone feature or integrated into a larger security system. There are many important features that set wireless locks apart from other options, including:


  • Proximity and Keypad functionality

  • Individual door lockdown

  • Facility lockdown

  • Uses as little as two or three AA batteries per lock

  • Up to 70,000 openings per battery set


You can have a wireless lock installed on just one door – such as the main entrance – or on doors throughout your property. This is a great way of developing access control strategies that suit your home or business’s distinctive needs.


Ideal Options for Business Owners in Nebraska


Commercial property owners will find that the options offered by Integrated Security Solutions are dynamic enough to scale to meet precisely the size of your organization; this is a great way to ensure that you have the right amount of security to ensure smooth and organized operation each day. Business security is one of our specialties; we work closely with each of our clients to develop a customized response.

Improved Security for Homeowners in Nebraska


Everyone wants to feel secure at home, so it is only natural to wonder about the security of your locks – are they really as good as they could be? Wireless locks are designed to resist the kind of tampering that conventional locks can fall prey to. Only the right access cards can unlock the door, which adds an extra degree of security to your property. These cards are easy to use and unlike keys, cannot be duplicated; this is an ideal solution for many households.


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