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Intercom Systems for your Home or Business (Video/Audio) in Nebraska

Proper communication is essential for every type of business, and intercom systems in Nebraska are one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods of communicating with your employees, visitors, and patrons. Integrated Security Solutions offers audio as well as video systems in Nebraska and components that offer the best of intercom technology currently available.


Ideal for a Variety of Settings

One of the best things about an intercom system is they’re useful in several different settings, such as:


●      Residential properties

●      Financial institutions

●      Energy companies

●      Commercial properties


These systems are designed not only for communication but to provide you and your staff with peace of mind and convenience as well.


We’ve Got Everything You Need

At Integrated Security Systems, we do our best to make sure you’ve got everything necessary to make the most of your audio and video intercom system. For instance, we offer:


●      Emergency phones for security

●      Digital/Analog systems

●      Video integration

●      In-House point-to-point

●      Phone dialers

●      IP addressable devices


The Advantages

If you already have a CCTV system set up at your business, then adding an intercom system is a natural progression. Specifically, your facilities can become that much more secure when you have a CCTV system paired with an intercom system. Another great thing about our systems is that communication is made easier. For instance, you can make sure a message or announcement is received by everyone in the building at the same time, and you’ll also have an easier time of finding a specific individual if need be.


Of course, having an intercom system also creates a safer workplace. Anyone who desires access to your building or facility will first have to identify her or himself before gaining permission. Going one step further, even if a person is allowed on your grounds, you can ensure she or he doesn’t access restricted areas.

Give Us a Call

To learn more about intercom systems, contact us here at Integrated Security Solutions at our HastingsKearney or Grand Island locations. We look forward to providing you with greater assurance and security. You can also call us anytime at (402)462-0348

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